The Karakachan Dog also known as Bulgarian Shepherd Dog is believed to have originated from the ancient Thracian dogs making this breed Europe's oldest. For centuries, this ancient breed of livestock guardian dogs have been bred and reared by proto-Bulgarians. The dogs were utilized to guard not only the livestock and the property but the owners as well. The Karakachan dog is a massive powerful breed with a well developed musculature of harmonic proportions. The dog has a typical molosser appearance. These long and coarse coated dogs are noted for their aggressiveness towards carnivores. The natural and conservative breeding traditions of the Karakachan have developed a breed with impressive working abilities. Bulgaria is a country with a large population of wolves and bears. The dog has a rather slow movement but it can chase wolves and can compete with this predator's speed anytime. The breed has the necessary strength, agility and excellent fighting skills to deal with bears and other predators. These dogs are highly valued by the nomadic shepherds. Unlike other domesticated dogs, the Karakachan are treated as respected family members. The dogs are even allowed to eat first.

Valko  Beechkeld II

                                                    PARENTS ARE BULGARIAN IMPORTS 
                       SIRE : ZASLON  KAILIN                                                     DAM: ANASTASIYA  VULKA 

                                                      PICS COURTESY OF  DR , SPONENBERG  

                                                    FEMALE  FOR SALE 


                                      RAINA OF BUCK CREEK .. SHE IS A BOB TAIL  FEMALE 


                                                   pics courtesy of Lynnsey Dauer