Welcome to Tks Mountain Ridge Farm,  we are a family farm home to Nigerian Dwarf Goat  and Blue eyed Ivory Mini Donkey.

We are located in Charlotte Tn. 45 mins north west of Nashville Tn. We are also 20 mins south of Clarksville Tn.We raise for health, conformation , milk and  blue eyes.

                                                   We wouldn't have it any other way !

                   My Husband had ths  property in Tn for many years , we would vacation here every year ...we would camp in our pop up camper in the woods every chance we could , so when my husband  was offered a transfer here in 2010 for work we figured it was the best time to make the move and start living in TN

For  almost 2  years  he  lived in our 40ft travel trailer on the property while I resided in Florida in our home continuing to work for the Bd of Ed. Over this  2 year period we slowly began to move to Tn , I would come visit when I had time off and bring some of the animals wth me each time .  Tim would fly to Florida and drive back to Tn with some of our belongings and animals . with 2 storage trailers our bike trailer and the rest of our animals we headed to Tn  for our new life ...By Oct 2012 our new home was completed and we could finally move in, the travel trailer we lived in was very nice but it was time ......It was a long road , many months apart and many trips back & fourth to get to where we are today, there is still much to do around the property but our dream of having a farm and living in TN has come true for us we are finally here

As a result of all the hard work it took  to get here we are at peace with our life and believe our animals reflect that peace, we are all healthy and happy here .......... we hope you enjoy our web site !! 

We take pride in raising happy and  healthy animals ,  it all stated  for us with just 2 nigerian dwarf goats named Hershey and Dove , these were our first goats and needless to say we fell head over heels in love with these guys, of course as any goat person will tell you " you just can't have one ' or "two" or "three" , next came BeBe  , Marshmellow and so on , our herd was growing. Once we realized the joy of raising these sweet little   goats we couldn't get enough. Our Nigerian herd has grown to about 45 doe and  several buck. They all have names , different personallities and thier own loving nature.  As our herd is increasing we are improving with every breeding , We have started to add some very good milk lines into our herd and are very proud of the results so far . but of course we will continue to improve and are always looking for that next great milking  line ... 

There is nothing more joyful than watching these beautiful animals pop along like popcorn when kids or laying with the rest of thier family in the pasture soaking up the sun in the middle of the afternoon ..so our journey began with just 2 goats and now we have a family of love,joy and hope.

Of course then we needed some livestock protection , we found the mini donkey which just stole our hearts especially the Ivory Blue Eyed ..We found our ICE , our jack, in Christina  Tn and brought him home , That set the stage for the next 3 years , We started to look for ivory blue eyed jennies , which is harder than we thought , We were contacted by Kay about her ivory blue eyed jenny  Sapphire  amd her blue eyed ivory jack Blizzard  from her farm  Blessard Assurance , which we also brought home to our farm but our search still continued , we were hooked on these sweet beautiful donkey . In our search we  had come across a web site several years ago Dogwood Hills , Ron and Faye Jarvis had several blue eyed ivories , which I always loved and would return to this site often to see the new foals in hopes that some day we would have a herd like Dogwood Hills . My dreams had come true and in the Spring of 2014 we purchased the Blue eyed Ivory herd from Dogwood Hills and in the summer of 2014 we had our first blue eyed ivory bred and born on our farm ..CLOUD 9... Cloud  is a rare spotted blue eyed ivory and he will be staying here with us as a Jr herd sire. Cloud was born to our Sapphire and Blizzard , which we had acquied from Blessard Assurance Farm  and is such a cutie.

We now have a herd of  13 Ivory Blue eyed jennies and 2  Ivory blue eyed Jack and 1 Spotted Ivory Blue eyed Jr herd sire .

Now Tim always wanted to start cattle but he put that aside until my goat herd was established ..so in the winter of 2014 Tim bougt his first 2 bred black angus heifers , Well mamma cow calved with a heifer on 12/22/14 we named  her Sunrise and she was cute as a button ,needless to say Sunrise is staying with us ...His herd began to grow we now have 14 heifers and in the summer of 2014 we just acquired our registered  bull Sir Lion ... Tim wil begin breeding his heifers this fall and we look forward to our baby calves n 2015.

Although my preference are the goats and the donkey Tim did acquire 1 charlios heifer and I have to tell you I fell in love with this girl , I named her Abagail  ... and the adventure continues ...


                                              WE WOULDN'T HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY !!!



      We have met many wonderful  people along our journey, and hope to meet many more along the way ...


 " The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."